The oasis for mind, spirit, soul and body

Take a deep breath and enter Shanti. This perfect spot for introspection allows travelling through mind, spirit and soul, reaching a new level of calmness as a result. More than ten exclusive massages, facial and body treatments will leave you feeling beautiful both on the inside and outside. Your Shanti shine will be undeniable. 

State-of-the-art Technogym equipment awaits the most active guests to help them let off some serious steam. Healthy mind in a healthy body is a well-known truth, and our professional trainers are on hand to show you the best way to get the most out of your workout. 


Located in historic town of Dobrota, at only 3,1 km distance from the spectacular Kotor Old Town, HUMA Kotor Bay hotel offers an unique five-star experience on a sandy beach Virtu, one-of-a-kind in the Bay.


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